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In my years of experience in the corporate world, I noticed people struggling to engage their employees, clients and partners with their important presentations. That's why I set up Gatekeeper, to use my knowledge and skills to help you to deliver that message effectively, present those details engagingly and capture the attention of your audience.





“Gatekeeper are professional, reliable, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.”

Sarah Johnson

Gatekeeper Values

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Talmon Rollins

Talmon founded the company after many years of experience in the industry as a whole. Beginning as a sound engineer, working in the local music scene, larger venues including the O2 academy group and music festivals, he took every available chance to add to his repertoire of skills, taking on lighting design, LED wall specialisms and other technical elements. When not working in the business, he looks after his two young children and attempts to complete the ever growing list of DIY tasks on the house.

Easy to work with

We can be reliaed upon to enhance any event and to take away some of the stresses that come with arranging a conference or other event.

We have highly skilled staff, great quality equipment and contacts who themselves are reliable.

You're in safe hands with Gatekeeper.


We have experience in the industry and knowledge about the products and services we provide, able to give every customer a unique and excellent experience.


We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by being conscious of our practices. From our choice of transport to the materials we use in our productions, we are always looking to make responsible choices.

For some practical examples of how we are doing this, visit our sustainability page.

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