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Audio and Visual 

At the core of every memorable event is what we can see and hear.
We use high quality sound systems, customised to your venue to deliver the best quality audio.
We use state of the art technology to create stunning visual presentations to ensure your event is impactful and memorable.
We have a number of tools to engage your audience visually and audially and have a wealth of experience setting up engaging break out sessions.


Staging, Sets and Lighting

Often overlooked by some companies, the stage, set and lighting can really impact an event by setting the mood, theme and outcomes of an event.
We use creative designs to create sets that will captivate your audience.
We can work with you to create custom lighting designs to pull focus to certain key areas of your event.
We use modular staging to fully customise your event set up and maximise the impact of your events' features.

Breakout with headphones 5.jpg

Delegate Engagement

We have a number of proven strategies to help your delegates to engage with your content. Breakout sessions can be lifted and audience engagement can soar with our unique and exciting group engagement methods. With bright and colourful settings and sessions that stimulate the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners amongst your guests.

Outdoor theatre 1.jpeg


At Gatekeeper, we believe in sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. That's why we use eco-friendly equipment and materials whenever possible. We also work with our clients to develop sustainable event strategies that minimize waste and promote environmental responsibility.

90in screen.jpg


With years of experience in the industry, our experts can help you to design impactful and visually stunning presentations to keep your delegates and guests mesmerised and talking about your event content for a long time. Our team will work together with professionals such as designers or  marketing experts to increase the influence of your presentations.

Further Services

We have strong relationships with companies offering further services to boost the impression of your even or conference. For example, we can arrange food vendors; mobile cocktail bars; dinner entertainment; professional hosts and compares including well known celebrities; to name just a few.


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